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A true ode to mama

Hooyo means mama in Somalian. It reflects the respect we have for our mother. Not only is she our mother, but also she is our queen, our loyal friend and our backbone. She proudly made you who you are right now. By wearing Hooyo fashion you show respect, honour and gratefulness to your own mama and every Hooyo in the world. The ultimate way to show your gratitude to her with pride.

You just know you can always depend on her and she will just do anything for you. You can love your mother with all of your heart. But often becoming a parent yourself only makes you truly value your mother’s efforts. Realizing that it would be great to honour your mother in the best possible way. And that it just the story behind Hooyo. This global fashion brand was started by Abdi Mohamed in 2015 to honour his own mother. Still not knowing the potential of this brand, no realizing how many people over the world think similarly.

The main vision behind this brand was to create a clothing line that would be dedicated to mothers everywhere, as well as anyone else who wants to show their appreciation to their mothers

Our Mission : To make well-designed, high quality and stylist fashion clothes that are not only comfortable, but also represents the inner beauty of our mothers.

Our Vision: To create a brand that represents the culmination of love, respect and gratitude to motherhood.


My Hooyo, Fashion with Respect And Value!

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