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About Us

Legacy of Love

Who we are?

Threads of Love Across Borders!

A true ode to mama Mamma, ma, momma, mammy, mater, mama, mom, mommy, mum, muzzer.Just some of all pet names we give to our mother. Without a doubt our mamas have more pet names than anyone in the world. We all love our mother. There can be rough times but in the end your mother will always be the one that truly loves you. No matter what. You just know you can always depend on her and she will just do anything for you. You can love your mother with all of your heart. But often becoming a parent yourself only makes you truly value your mother’s efforts. Realizing that it would be great to honour your mother in the best possible way. And that it just the story behind Hooyo. This global fashion brand was started by Abdi Mohamed in 2015 to honour his own mother. Still not knowing the potential of this brand, no realizing how many people over the world think similarly. Hooyo means mama in Somalian. It reflects the respect we have for our mother. Not only is she our mother, but also she is our queen, our loyal friend and our backbone. She proudly made you who you are right now. By wearing Hooyo fashion you show respect, honour and gratefulness to your own mama and every Hooyo in the world. The ultimate way to show your gratitude to her with pride.

Legacy of Love

Today, Hooyostreetwear stands not just as a brand but as a living legacy of love. Every purchase is an acknowledgment, a nod to the enduring influence of mothers, and a promise to carry the torch of appreciation forward.


Our vision is to be a global beacon of love and appreciation, where Hooyostreetwear becomes synonymous with not just style but a movement—a movement that embraces the boundless strength of mothers.


At Hooyostreetwear, our mission is to go beyond fashion, creating garments that embody the profound and universal connection between mothers and their loved ones.


Respect: We hold deep respect for the role of mothers, acknowledging their unwavering strength, love, and sacrifice.

Our history

The Hooyostreetwear Journey

In the heart of fashion, there emerged a brand that transcends trends, weaving a narrative of love, gratitude, and timeless style. The story of Hooyostreetwear began in 2015 when Abdi Mohamed, inspired by the profound love of his own mother, embarked on a mission to honor the universal essence of motherhood through the medium of fashion.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship our products worldwide via DHL and UPS. The estimated delivery time varies from country to country.

Best Quality

It is our goal to provide the best quality products to our clients. We are committed to meet the demands of our customers. Our team works hard to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their money.

Best Offers

We always keep our customers happy by offering them the best deals and discounts on different types of our products.

Secure Payments

At HooyoStreetWear we are very aware of our clients' needs, and that is why we offer a secure payment method. The main reason to use this method is that it gives our clients a safe way to pay with their credit cards, so they can buy directly from us without worries about the safety of the transaction.

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